What I Love and Hate About Being a Woman

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I saw a post about 10 Things to love and hate about being a woman on one of my favorite blogs, the London Beauty Queen, and decided to also tell you my top ten of things that I love and hate about being a woman :)

Things I hate about being a woman 

1. Battling the question what to do with my hair every day - I envy guys so much that come out of the shower and are almost done with their hair (I know that there are guys that take a lot of time doing their hair, but for the most part men are done with their hair faster)
2. Dealing with boobs while working out - there is just no good sports bra that keeps them under control while working out!
3. Struggling to put on tights. Tights are a wonderful invention and they keep you warm by also covering up not so perfect legs, nevertheless to put them on is just such a hassle and I often end up ripping a hole in them with my nails! 
4. High Heels - Don't get me wrong they look good and I have to admit that I feel more confident wearing them, but the pain...my feet always want to kill me after a night out! However, flats just don't look good with everything, so what's a woman supposed to do? ;) 
5. Having cramps and feeling rubbish once a month = getting the period - it is just so annoying to deal with!

Things I love about being a woman
6. Makeup, it can really make a difference confidence and mood wise! 
7. Dresses -  I like trousers and skirts and having the option is really nice. However, I really like dresses as they give you a full outfit without much hassle. Just put on a dress and you're good to go. 
8. Reading romantic books, Magazines etc. without being looked a funny
9. Not having to carry heavy stuff - don't get me wrong I can build Ikea furniture like no other and I also know how to use power tools, but it is really nice that when it comes to carrying heavy stuff that men are around to help.
10. Having an excuse to be emotional, irrational and just not coherent at least once a month.

What do you love and hate about being a woman? 

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